Sit Down with Brandon Graver and Nicolas Wentland

Chris and Gavin sit down with Brandon “G-Raver” Graver and Nicolas “Iowa” Wentland to talk about “G-Raver” comic.

When professional wrestler, G-Raver, finds himself entwined in the eons old battles of good and evil, he leaves the bright lights of the ring and enters the darkness. Guided by a man that calls himself The Messenger, G-Raver uses his wrestling gimmick to cover the fact that he hunts all the creatures our horror stories are made of. From vampires and goji to zombies and astral beings. G-Raver must put behind him his old life and fight to keep the doors to the dark void closed and its King off of our plane.


A Sit Down with Mick Foley

Gavin and Chris sit down with Mick Foley to talk about his appearance at Tri-State Comic Con, his writing, his charities, some wrestling and who he would want to be if he wasn’t Mick Foley. Support Mick Foley’s at and Check out the Tri-Con website at Podcast: Play in new window | […]


The Morning After Raw for April 14 2014

‘Waiting for my man’ So last week was tremendous and now to keep the momentum going Raw will need something pretty special. I don’t really remember what to think about the Raw after the Raw after Wrestlemania. I guess this is a typical table setting episode and to expect greatness is ridiculous, but either way […]


A Sit Down with A.J. Styles

Chris and Gavin have the privilege and the opportunity to sit down with “The Phenomenal One” A.J. Styles. We talk New Japan, his contract offer in TNA, his upcoming apprence for Remix Pro Wrestling, and where he would go if he had a time machine.

Make sure to check out A.J.’s website at

Remix Pro Wrestling’s Throwdown for the Pound 9 “Full Dog House” will be April 26th at the Marietta Middle School in Marietta, OH.  Tickets are available at We Lov Pets and at  Ringside seating is sold out, only general admission left!  Hurry and buy tickets now!

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